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Announcing the Walking Bus!

1st July 2016

We are pleased to tell you that we will be offering a Walking Bus to school every morning, starting on the first day of the new school year, Wednesday 7th September.

What is a Walking Bus?

A Walking Bus is a line of children walking in pairs along a safe route with an adult ‘driver’ at the front and an adult ‘conductor’ at the back. Our Walking Bus will be manned by school staff for the first couple of weeks and, hopefully, by school staff supported by parent volunteers thereafter.

What are the benefits of a Walking Bus?

A Walking Bus can provide many benefits to children, parents, the school and the community:

  • Health benefits through regular exercise;
  • Improved awareness of road safety and promotion of pedestrian skills;
  • Reduction of traffic congestion, especially surrounding the school;
  • Improved air quality and health through reduction in exhaust emissions;
  • Time and cost savings for parents and children;
  • Encouragement of a more active lifestyle, including children arriving at school wide awake and ready to learn.

How will it work?

Our Walking Bus will operate from the Scout Hut in the library car park to the school each morning. Parents can drop off their children to two members of school staff who will be on hand at the Scout Hut from 8.35am to 8.45am. They will be joined by more adults (initially school staff but hopefully by volunteer parents over time) and the Walking Bus will depart for school at 8.45am. Adults and children will be provided with high vis jackets for the journey.

Two routes have been approved by the Sustrans Officer appointed by Cornwall Council. On dry days, the Walking Bus will take a route which largely avoids roads, going up Polbreen Ave, turning right at the fenced off overgrown area and down through White’s Close. On the other days, it will cross the junction with Polbreen Ave and walk on the pavement along Trelawny Road and up White’s Close.

Children with bikes and scooters are welcome to join the Walking Bus, but must walk their bikes or scooters while taking part.

Walking Bus Launch

Although the Walking Bus will be in operation from Wednesday 7th September, we are having a launch event on Monday 12th September during assembly. Billy the Boots will join us and Nick Ratcliffe will talk with the children about road safety and the benefits of walking and cycling to school.  

We welcome you and your children to try out this exciting new method of coming to school healthily, safely and sociably. We hope to see you at the Scout Hut on 7th September.