Governors Annual Statement and Impact Report 2016-17


The governors of St. Agnes ACE Academy form a Local Advisory Board (LAB) which oversees the work of the Academy and is accountable to the Board of Directors of the ACE Multi-Academy Trust.

The major purpose of the Governing Board is to ensure that the pupils of St. Agnes Academy progress well in their education. To enable this to take place, pupils must be supported by a well led, enthusiastic, professionally competent and motivated staff working cohesively within a safe, supportive, and stimulating learning environment.

Governors understand the requirements of children’s parents and carers in their desire to have confidence in the school’s leadership and management structure alongside being aware of the affect this has on the children’s safety, learning and enjoyment during their time at St Agnes School.

To achieve their objectives Governors  must continually evaluate the role they play within the life of the School, and publish relevant information to all interested parties. This statement and report are part of that evaluation and publication process.

School Improvement and Development Plan

Governors work co-operatively with the Headteacher and senior management to write and monitor the School Improvement Plan. The School Improvement Plan (SIP) sets aims for the forthcoming year. The current SIP is based on priorities identified from data, school self-evaluation and OFSTED priorities. The SIP identifies clearly the aims, the key tasks which will be completed in order to achieve these aims, and the success criteria in order to measure outcomes. The SIP is monitored and reviewed at monthly Governors' Meetings, using a Red/ Amber/ Green system of evaluating progress.

The current targets of the School Improvement Plan are:

  • To achieve standards which are above the national average at the end of Key Stage 2 in Maths and Writing;
  • For the percentage of pupils gaining a Good Level of Development at the end of Reception to be at or above the national average;
  • To strengthen the leadership of teaching and learning so that it successfully promotes improved pupil outcomes during a period of school growth;
  • To establish positive and effective communications with key stakeholder groups.


Co-operative working on preparation and implementation of the School Improvement Plan follows considerable research, preparation and input from the School’s senior management team and other members of staff. The SIP is evaluated at the end of each academic year in preparation for identifying and setting new targets for the following year.

Governor Visits

Governors visit the school as part of their monitoring of the SIP; named governors have responsibility for reporting on the progress of specific priorities in the SIP; this year these include maths, writing, early years, SEN and data/pupil premium. The Chair of Governors and the governor with oversight of health and safety have regular meetings with the Head Teacher, and governors with specific curricular responsibilities meet with staff curriculum leaders. Governors also provide regular opportunities to meet with parents during school events.

Examples of the impact of these visits include:

  • A deeper understanding of strengths and areas for improvement in curriculum areas;
  • A deeper understanding of current education pedagogy;
  • Implementation of robust health and safety processes to meet the needs of the school during school expansion;
  • Increased capacity both to challenge and to support school leaders to secure school improvement.

Data Analysis

Governors have responsibility to ensure that school leaders use school performance data to improve pupil outcomes; they attend Trust-wide training, meet with school leaders and report to the LAB. Additionally, data is analysed and discussed as an agenda item at governors' meetings on at least a termly basis. In these ways, governors are able to benchmark their data against similar schools, the Local Authority and schools nationally to ensure the School’s standards and expectations are high and are able to be closely scrutinised. It is this level of data analysis that informs and leads school improvement planning.

Particular scrutiny is placed on pupil progress across all ability groups including vulnerable groups and on the effective use of the Pupil Premium.


Governors review all relevant policies on a programmed basis to ensure that all guidance is current and up to date. The policies adopted by the LAB include both Trust-generated and the School’s own policies. Policies are posted on the school website and retained in hard copy in the academy’s Policies File.

Specific attention is paid to ensure that the school complies with the Department of Education mandatory policy list.

Financial Management

The Local Advisory Board contains several governors with significant expertise in financial management. Working with the central business team of the ACE MAT, they drive the financial management of the school. In recent years, the governors have worked with school staff to achieve the Schools Financial Value Standard accreditation.

The impact of the Governors’ role in the Academy ensures that the budget is managed effectively and improvements are effective and continuous and contribute strongly to positive pupil outcomes. A recent external appraisal judged that the school is ‘very well led financially’.


Examples of the impact of governor expertise on school improvement include:

  • Improvements in information sharing with families and the wider community;
  • Improved reflection on the deployment of Pupil Premium funding to benefit pupils’ learning;
  • Robust health and safety arrangements during a time of school growth;
  • Closer links between the Academy and Trust governance boards.


Staff Recruitment

The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher are trained in Safer Recruitment. Several governors plan to undertake Safer Recruitment training this academic year , 2016-2017. Governors are involved in the recruitment and selection of all teaching staff and use the appointment process to ensure that high quality staff who share the school’s ethos and aims are appointed.

Governor Meeting Attendance

The governors of St. Agnes ACE Academy form a Local Advisory Board (LAB) , which meet ten times a year, three times in the Autumn and Spring term and four times in the Summer term.

Governor attendance has, as always, been of a very good level, with any absences having been fully explained and accepted and approved by the governing body.

Governor Training

Recent training has included:

  • Governor induction
  • Governor conference (through the Kernow Teaching School Alliance)
  • Governor training days (through the KTSA)
  • Governor data training (through the KTSA)


Impact Statement – Review

The governing body, the Head Teacher and senior management team and indeed all members of staff are constantly striving to improve and develop the school.

This drive has been successful with overall continued improvement in attainment at ends of key stages that have been above national averages in four of the past six years at KS2 and five of the past six years at KS1.

Governors have ensured that Pupil Premium funding is deployed effectively, resulting in a longer term trend of disadvantaged children making good progress.

There has been effective allocation and imaginative use of Sports Premium funding in order to further inspire and up-skill teaching staff and pupils.

Governors have listened to parents and have ensured that the school offers high-quality, timely information through its school website, newsletters, Facebook page and local press and that a greater range of school clubs is offered.


The governing body and senior school leaders have recently led the successful transition from single Local Authority maintained school to member academy of the ACE Multi-Academy Trust and are currently successfully supporting the school to maintain high academic and welfare standards during a major school expansion project.


Future and Continuous Improvement
The governing body and senior management team are constantly striving to improve and develop the school.

Ongoing and future areas for improving and developing will include:

  • Ensuring continued improvement in pupil progress and attainment across all ability groups including vulnerable groups.
  • Shaping the School’s future as part of a dynamic, collaborative multi-academy trust.
  • Steering and managing the Academy's growth in the next couple of years.


The governors of St. Agnes ACE Academy form a Local Advisory Board (LAB) and further information on the structure of the LAB and how to become a Governor can be found on both the School’s website and the ACE Academy Trusts website.




Daniel Corbett

Chair – St Agnes ACE Academy LAB


We have a duty to report to parents about complaints made to the school. In 2015-16 there were no formal complaints made to St. Agnes School.

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