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Our pond has moved!

23rd June 2016

The Gardening Club were delighted when they returned from the half term break to see that all of the wildlife from the quiet garden pond had been relocated to the brand new pond in the field. This meant that everyone could continue to enjoy learning about the delicate ecosystems that ponds support here in Cornwall. The club were very happy to see dozens of newts, emerging dragon- flys, frogs, insects including waterboatmen,  larvae and ramshorn snails still growing and flourishing in their new habitat. The toads were able to safely disappear off for the summer and we look forward to their return.

The miraculous transformation took place over 5 days. Whilst the children were enjoying their break, Jez Western, Nigel Paterson and Lyn Paterson carefully transferred the precious cargo to its new location. Jez Western has been working with the gardening club for 8 years as our resident and expert and has been invaluable to the gardening club and their whole school over this time – thank you Jez! Nigel and Jez built the original pond and were keen to be involved in the new project which has been pronounced a success so far but will need careful looking after and management for the future. Everyone involved is really pleased that we can continue to care for our immediate environment and learn about British ecosystems. This wonderful resource is available to everyone in the school and local community and can be used in lessons across the curriculum to inspire and involve us all in looking after our planet.