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KS1 phonics and reading schemes

Accelerated Reader is used in our school from Y2-Y6 to ensure that children are reading books that they can both decode and understand. The programme allows teachers to have informed 'reading conversations' with children so that they can be guided to books that are at the correct level for them and that they enjoy. 
The programme has over 31,000 books for children to quiz on so they are able to choose books from home or from the library as well as our stock in school. This allows children to make real choices as readers and encourages them to read for pleasure. 
Children take a STAR test at the beginning of each half term to help teachers place them on an appropraite level. The children then choose and read their book and take an online quiz when they have finished it. The programme tracks the children's progress against a target which helps to motivate them and to help teachers monitor reading within the class.
For further information for parents please click on the PDF below.
To find out whether a book is part of the programme please go to the Accelerated Bookfinder link.




Accelerated Reader Bookfinder
The dedicated online book-searching tool Accelerated Reader BookFinder is publicly available to students, parents, teachers and librarians so they can identify appropriate books that are also of interest.