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Staff news May 2016

16th May 2016

I am very pleased to announce that next year Mrs. Michelle Hall will be sharing the role of Deputy Headteacher and Key Stage 2 teacher with a new member of staff, Miss Emma Lawton.


We are in the good position of being able to add to our leadership team as Mrs. Hall has been appointed to the position of part-time Associate Headteacher at St. Columb Major Academy on a one year basis starting in September. During that time, she will be continuing in her role as Deputy Headteacher and Key Stage 2 teacher at St. Agnes, also on a part time basis, so our school will continue to benefit from her teaching and leadership expertise through the year. 


To complement Mrs Hall’s role,  on Friday we appointed another part-time Deputy Headteacher and Key Stage 2 teacher, Miss Emma Lawton, also on a one year basis. Miss Lawton is an outstanding, creative teacher and Specialist Leader of Education, currently employed as an Assistant Headteacher at St. Columb Minor Academy, and we are extremely excited to have her on board working alongside Mrs. Hall.


Shortly I’ll be able to inform you of the teaching and support staff assigned to each class for September. Meanwhile, I am sure that you will share our pride that Mrs. Hall’s leadership potential has been rewarded with her new promotion and also our excitement in recruiting Miss Lawton to make our teaching and leadership team even stronger.