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School Expansion

1st October 2015




Governors agreed to explore LA proposal to meet need for additional pupil places in St. Agnes area by expanding school to two-form entry by 2017,

  • ‘due to its high pupil forecast numbers, its central location within the area and surrounding areas, and in addition the availability of ring fenced S106 funds which would be used to support the expansion’

May to July

Feasibility study to determine if/ how the school could be expanded permanently


Results of feasibility study and outline scheme for expansion presented to governors. Governors and ACE Trust agreed in principle to expand the school to two form entry subject to surveys and consultations with Cornwall Council and local community


Further site investigations


Detailed design scheme presented to governors and ACE Trust for consultation


Design scheme presented to school and local community for consultation prior to submission for planning consent


Community responses to consultation event submitted to project leads to be considered with planning application



About the process:

  • Parents, local residents insufficiently aware/ involved
  • Evidence of need for growth of school not made public

About the rationale for and effects of expansion:

  • Pleased to see school expanding and an investment in education
  • Great opportunity to develop and change, giving environment to enhance learning
  • Worries about school getting too big
  • Desire for bigger school to retain village feel
  • Worries about village turning into a town
  • Importance that school is at heart of community & can grow & change to meet its needs
  • Questions about reasons for expanding a school that is not judged outstanding
  • Need to manage a large school differently
  • Delighted to see planning for growing population of families
  • Worries that expanding school will encourage more housing
  • Great to see needs of children being addressed due to development of village
  • Questions about impact on demand for pre-school & wraparound care
  • Concerns to preserve natural environment of existing school
  • Need to make sure bigger St. Agnes pupil population can still go on to Richard Lander

About the impact on the local area:

  • Concerns about extra noise
  • Concerns about traffic and parking in Whites Close, Beaconsfield Place, Trelawney Road, school car park, library car park
  • Want to see firm plans to manage traffic
  • Suggestions to provide extra car parking, pedestrian & cycle routes and Park & Stride facilities involving Lawrence Road, Scout Hut, Presingoll Barns, Chapel Car Park, Goonown Playing Fields, Railway Yard, Carnival Field, through Beaconsfield Playground.
  • Suggestion to provide cycle path from entrance of village
  • Need to improve pedestrian routes
  • Suggestions to improve/ stagger drop off/ pick up
  • Need to provide more cycle/ scooter spaces at school
  • Need for improvements in road markings & better management of car parking outside school
  • Desire for ‘lollipop’ crossing
  • Desire for traffic considerations to form part of Neighbourhood Development Plan

About the design:

  • Several loved/ liked the design
  • Happy kitchen and school hall will be extended
  • Liked plans to make multi-functional spaces
  • Several did not like the ‘utilitarian’, ‘functional’, ‘uninspiring’ design
  • Questions as to appropriateness of design for village school
  • Want inclusion of a community sports hall
  • Want to make sure opportunities for sustainable energy are incorporated


  • We are awaiting receipt of the Travel Plan that the LA are preparing to accompany the proposals.
  • The proposals are due to be submitted to Cornwall Council for planning approval later in November.
  • Commencement of construction work is dependent on the outcome of the planning approval process.
  • Construction is likely to take a year, but St. Agnes Academy will function as normal within the existing school building during that time.
  • We’ll use this part of the website to keep you posted of developments as we know them. Watch this space!