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Safety and security update

1st July 2016



With the school expansion project, there have been and are going to be several changes at school.  There will be more pupils, and particularly more very young pupils. Some children will be learning in temporary classrooms. Construction work will affect parts of the school building and much of the school grounds and movement around the school site will be restricted. It’s up to us at St. Agnes Academy to make sure that our pupils can come to school, learn and play, move around the school site and engage in a wide range of activities in a safe and secure manner through the next year.


This term we enlisted the help of our school community to identify ways to make this happen. We asked parents, pupils, staff and governors, along with our ACE MAT and school expansion project partners, for suggestions to improve arrangements which are already in place and to think of new and better arrangements for September. We’ve given a lot of consideration to pupils arriving at and leaving school, playtimes and lunchtimes, moving between buildings and after school clubs. The following provides (quite a lot of) detail of the arrangements that will be in place when we start school in September.


Arriving at school

There will be an access road for construction work vehicles that will run from the car park along the side of the Early Years outdoor play area. It will be fenced off from the school with a gate manned during school hours.


A gated fence will separate the school buildings, including the temporary classrooms from the car park. It will be opened and manned during the morning drop off period, shut during the school day and opened and manned during the afternoon pick up period.  This will provide a safe precinct for delivering and collecting children.


The drop off zone in the school car park will continue in its usual (not its current temporary) place and will be manned from 8.35 to 8.55am.


Additionally, we will be offering a Walking Bus service to school each morning from the library car park in the village. Parents can drop off their children in front of the Scout Hut from 8.35am and two staff members will walk them to school at 8.45am. During the initial weeks additional staff will support the Walking Bus, but we are looking for parent helpers to support it in the longer term. If you feel you can help, please let the school office know.


The KS1 ‘green gate’ will be repositioned at the rear of the school garden and from 8.45 each morning families will be able to accompany their Reception, Y1 and Y2 children through the school garden and gate and into the school via the undercover area.  For the first term at least, once having hung up coats and bags, all Reception and KS1 children will go straight into their classrooms instead of going on to the KS1 playground before school. Class teachers will be in their classrooms, where quiet activities will be available.


Arrangements for the arrival of KS2 children remain largely unchanged. Having come through the gated fence, they will walk across the front of the school and gather in the KS2 playground under the supervision of a member of staff.  There will always be a teacher in one of the KS2 classrooms within the main building and in one of the classrooms in the temporary building.




Moving between buildings

The gated fence at the front of the school will provide security for children moving between the main and temporary building. Most information will be relayed between the modular building and the office by telephone. Children will never move individually between the two buildings. In the main, they will be accompanied by an adult, and where that is not possible they will go in pairs and will either be watched by adults or their departure will be relayed by telephone.


Playtimes and lunchtimes

With space temporarily restricted in the KS1 playground, we will stagger Reception and KS1 playtimes and lunchtimes next year. We are considering providing a covered welly rack so that we can use the school field in all weathers. We have increased the number of staff on duty at playtimes and lunchtimes and have invested in walkie talkies to improve communication between staff members in different places on the school site.


Leaving school at the end of the day

The gated fence will provide a larger safe parents’ waiting area which can include the former staff car park. The gate will be manned at 3.15.


The two Reception classes will be brought through the green gate and through the garden at 3.10 to be handed over to parents (or other adults by prior arrangement which has been communicated to the school). At 3.15 Year 2 children will be handed over by their teacher at the same spot.


Children from both Year 1 classes will be handed to their families through the current Year 1 class door at 3.15. At the same time, Years 3 and 5 will come out of the main entrance, while Years 4 and 6 will come out of the temporary classroom unit. They will be accompanied by an adult from their class.


You will be asked to provide written permission at the beginning of the school year for your (KS2 only) child to walk home/ not be picked up by you.  Class teachers/ teaching assistants who accompany their classes out of school at the end of the day will be armed with a list of this information and children will only be allowed to leave the school without an adult if their names are on the list or if you have given permission that has been previously communicated to the school.


After school clubs and events

Each adult who runs a school club will take a register of attendees. The register will also contain information, given by you, about how your child is expected to leave the school at the end of the club and club leaders will release children from clubs according to this list. You will be required to notify the school if arrangements change.