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School Expansion Project Update November 2016


November 2016

The work so far

The school expansion project has been proceeding apace lately. It will have been virtually impossible not to notice the steel frame peeking from the tops of the school and surrounding buildings. The frame is now complete and the next step is for a big crane to lower large concrete ‘planks’ to create the lower story floor; this will be happening in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, the demolition phase of the school hall renovation is now complete and the builders have installed two important steel beams and are now building up the walls of the hall extension. Our new and improved (and larger) hall will be ready for use by the second week of January.

The vast majority of the hundred or so deliveries that have been made to the building site have adhered to Kier’s embargo during start and end of school day times. The couple of contractors who have ignored this embargo have created potentially dangerous situations for families using the approach to school. We are reassured that Kier’s site manager, Steve Presland, has dealt with these infractions swiftly and decisively and that the company is planning to make further improvements in this area.

We continue to monitor the School Expansion email should you have any questions you may wish to raise. The contractor Kier also plans to install a questions and comments board outside school as an alternative way to contact Kier's management team.

The pedestrian crossing

As you know, as part of the planning proposals for expansion the Council promised us improvements to the pedestrian crossing outside of school. We have been pressing for this for many months and the delay has been frustrating. Finally, plans have been published for consultation. You can find these proposals on Cornwall Council’s website at:

We have concerns that the proposed crossing is informal and so there is no legal obligation for cars to stop. We feel this causes confusion amongst drivers and pedestrians. We also have concerns about parking along the road either side of the proposed crossing. We would like to see a more robust solution that ensures that children are safe crossing the road and this is the position we will be submitting to the consultation process.

As you’ll be aware, the form of pedestrian crossing is ultimately out of our hands and we don’t know if this will make any difference, but we would encourage you to make your views known about the proposals by submitting comments during the consultation period, which ends on 16th November.