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School Expansion Update June 2016

School Expansion Update

May/June 2016


And so it begins!


The first phase of the school expansion project is due to begin next week, on Tuesday 30th May, while we are all enjoying a half term break. During the week, the main building contractors, Kier, will erect a site compound on the part of the car park where families now drop off children. This compound will remain in place throughout the rest of the summer term. The contractors will also be conducting an additional mining probe on the footprint of the new building and re-siting the school pond to sit next to the bog garden.


When we come back from half term break, work will begin to prepare a large part of the staff car park to take a double temporary classroom building which will be in place for the duration of the building project. Solid hoarding will be erected at the edge of the KS2 playground to protect children at play and the builders will dig out the embankment at the rear of the staff car park, lay foundations to sit the temporary unit on and build up a retaining wall behind it. Then the playground hoarding will be taken away.


Parking in both parts of the car park will be restricted by these works. One disabled car parking space and one parking space for the taxi only will be provided in what is now the staff car park; these are to be used solely by cars containing disabled people and by the taxi.


There will be fewer car parking spaces in the main part of the car park so staff and visitors to the school may find parking more difficult. I am requesting that school staff walk or car share where possible and, if necessary, use the library car park during the day. I would ask parents to encourage children to walk, scoot or cycle to school, particularly now the weather is so much better, or to use the library car park. We've all got to do our part to reduce car use and parking during this time.


Pedestrian access will remain through the existing gate. We will continue to supervise a drop off zone, which will be sited at the pavement end of the entrance to the staff car park. It will be clear where this place is; you'll see Mrs. Morgan there. Children dropped off in this way will then continue along the usual safe route into the playgrounds.


Mrs. Hall and I will make sure that we’re around on the first few drop-offs after half term so do approach us if you have any concerns. In our next newsletter we are hoping to introduce the Kier site manager who will be available to answer further questions from the community as works progress.


I would like to reassure local residents that we are doing everything we can to minimize disruption during the building work. I have asked the staff to avoid parking along Trelawney Road and Beaconsfield Close if they find the school car park full and to walk, car share or use the library car park if possible. I’m going to do my bit by walking (or cycling if I’m feeling fit) every day if I can. Contractors will also be requested not to park at school or on the residential roads close to school.


Arrangements have been made to ensure that vehicles associated with these works only enter the school premises at 'off peak' times and the site manager will be present to ensure that works-associated movement is safe for our children at all times.


Please be assured that we will be monitoring these safety arrangements throughout this time and continue to have the safety and well-being of the children at the forefront of our minds.


Other than the limited parking arrangements, I don’t anticipate the building work having significant impact on school life over the next half term. We are all looking forward to sports day, and spending more time in the school field now that summer is almost here.


We now have our dedicated email ‘postbox’,, for comments and questions about the building project and also our ‘Frequently Asked  Questions’ section on the schools expansion project is up on the website for more information.