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School Expansion update May 2016

School Expansion Update 1: May 2016

This is the first of what we intend to be a monthly newsletter which will continue throughout the school expansion building programme. 


In the last two weeks parents in the village received news of school places allocated to children joining us in Reception next September. Because we will have two reception classes, we’ve been able to offer 48 places to children in the village.  Most other local schools are full or nearly full. So that’s up to 18 St Agnes children who would otherwise be driven to schools in Perranporth or Redruth, were it not for the school’s expansion programme.


We recognise that there have been concerns about this project.  We know those living locally are worried about traffic congestion both during and after our extension is complete.  And while we hope to keep it to a minimum, the building work will inevitably bring some disruption to everyday school life. 


We have been giving you updates of the process so far, but now that the project will be underway shortly, we think it’s crucial that we’re able to communicate quickly and accurately both to parents and the wider community.


There will be a dedicated page on the school’s website with a detailed list of FAQs. We’ll distribute a monthly newsletter (this being the first) with updates both from the school leadership team (including governors) and those responsible for construction and travel planning. We’ll invite feedback to a dedicated email address.  We hope to have a dedicated page within the Bolster magazine. We intend do everything possible to keep parents informed of the progress of work.


Cornwall Council has agreed to fund a travel officer from the company Sustrans, who will work on a comprehensive plan to alleviate traffic congestion along school roads. We expect this person to be in place before the end of the summer term and we will provide detailed updates concerning their proposals.


As things stand at the moment, planning permission has been granted for our extension, but we are awaiting planning permission for the siting of temporary classrooms to one side of the staff car park. If this gets the go ahead, we expect to commence work during the May half term when a fenced works unit compound will be set up in the area of the new temporary classrooms.


Along with a school governor, I have been looking at designs for those temporary classrooms in the last few days and, while never an ideal solution, I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of floor space that will be provided for each class. Next month I will be able to outline which classes will be housed in these temporary buildings from September.


Thank you for your support.