In line with government guidance our school is working towards a wider opening. Currently, we are open to key worker’s children, vulnerable children and invited year groups.

Term dates

Our Term dates 2019/2020

Summer Term 2020

15th April to 22nd May 2020


Half term: 25th May to 29th May 2020


 1st June to 23rd July 2020


INSET Day: 29th June 2020


Our Term dates 2020/2021

Autumn Term 2020


INSET day: 3rd & 4th September 2020


7th September to 23rd October 2020


Half term: 26th October – 30th October 2020


2nd November to 17th December 2020


INSET day: 18th December 2020



Spring Term 2021


Half Term: 21st December to 1st January 2021


4th January to 11th February 2021


INSET Day: 12th February 2021


Half term: 15th February to 19th February 2021


22nd February to 1st April 2021


Half Term: 2nd April to 16th April 2021




Summer Term 2021

19th April to 28th May 2021


Half term: 1st June to 4th June 2021


 7th June to 23rd July 2021


INSET Day: 28th June 2021